Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cavalock and The Hungry Panda Takeover

Friday night at some hip joint? Geez, it has been ages since I did that but that's where I was when I got to drop by Bird Bird for dinner at Ann Siang Road a couple weeks ago. There's already a buncha articles written about this place bout how so we decided to try it out. Couple of items really stood out.  Alright, not exactly the best pix but the Unami Corn is really good. Nicely grilled with sriracha, mayo and shrimp floss. A little spicy but very addictive. Then there's the deconstructed Big Mac that's simply a Big Mac burger, complete with cheese on top and pickles inside, taken apart and with rice instead of buns, and wagyu beef too. Not bad and very filling, was absolutely stuffed.

Another thing I liked about that night was how they, as in the authorities closed Ann Siang Road. Cool vibe to it although it could do with more locals if you know what I mean. <^;^>

So remember this from my last post? Well, the baker-at-home had an idea and changed it to this. 

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