Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cavalock and The Piss Alley Similarity

Talk about a hole-in-the-wall joint, I finally found the time to drop by Bincho last week, thanks to reservation made by the baker-in-the-house. This is little narrow joint in Tiong Bahru serving really neat Japanese food. It's so cramp that it reminded me of dinner in Tokyo's Pissing Alley but in a good way. Top marks for ambience if you like noir kinda dining cos that's what it sorta reminds me of. Plus they got quite a display of Japanese booze. Good Japanese food in an intimate environment.

So we had the above Negi Toro and Yakitori Don set lunches and several sides which we enjoyed but we reminded ourselves we gotta try their beef next time cos that's we believe is their speciality right?Yah, it ain't exactly the cheapest food in town but we thought it was worth it.

You gotta love the entrance to the place. You just can't get more inconspicuous than that.

Anyway, with Chinese New Year coming right up, I thought I'll post something I found in the old family home last week. It's a newspaper cutting from 1987. Yah, 198 *freakin'* 7.


Anonymous said...

Where can I contact Weylin about ordering cakes/cookies?

Cavalock said...

Hi Anonymous, you can try her blog for an email.
I'm afraid I don't give out friends' contacts to strangers. Hope you understand. ;)