Friday, January 08, 2016

Cavalock and The CNY Preemptive Strike

I had no idea yesterday when I skipped across the border to Tijuana Johor Bahru that the nearest mall City Square next to the Causeway just started their Chinese New Year food fair. Damn, I still ain't used to how insanely cheap everything is in Tijuana JB. Now I don't ever indulge in any snacking during the CNY period but the baker-in-the-house and I just couldn't resist grabbing these 3 jars of snacks for only S$20 total. Just one regular container in Singapore would cost almost S$20!

Even Japanese budget chain Daiso is cheaper! Taking the current 3X currency exchange, Daiso items cost less than S$2. And there are some stuff like storage boxes that I have not seen back home.

Remember this? Yah, I can never get enough of the wacky stuff over in Tijuana JB. Damn, I forgot to snap a pix of what's in the Clever Spices pack!

Hey look, Jenny's Cookies from Hong Kong (nope) going at a ridiculously low price in Tijuana JB. Cos it has teddy bears on the tin so it's gotta be Jenny's (not really). Also, the cookies look just like Jenny's Cookies (no, it doesn't).

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