Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cavalock and The Neverending Quest for Greens in Indy

After my last Dickens-inspired, narcotic-laced non-food post, it's time for a final look back at my Indianapolis food trail.  I know it wasn't a very comprehensive one on what that fine state has to offer but it was a memorable and most importantly, an enjoyable experience for me. Now I did mention that we stayed just across the street from several interesting food joints including our regular breakfast bagel place here. But for a couple mornings, the place was just too packed with fellow Gen Con gamers rushing for their morning bagels and coffee too. So we headed next door to Soupremacy which specialises in what else, but soups! Regrettably they don't serve soups for breakfast. I had a bowl of 'steel cut Irish oatmeal' instead with my choice of fruit toppings, and the all-essential cuppa coffee and slice of coffee cake. When I was a wee-little kid, me late mom prepared Quaker oats for breakfast every morning, so I gotta admit I was sorta hoping to recapture a bit of that culinary nostalgia there. Well, unlike my late mom's hot oats, this was served cold and much thicker. Not bad but I miss my bagels!

I also did something I would never do back home and that's having breakfast at Starbucks. Hmmm ... we kinda noticed too that folks there like drinking iced coffee in the morning. Most unusual I thought, perhaps cos it's summer. A breakfast bugbear over there is that it's also my only opportunity to consume any fresh fruits, like bananas at the bagel joint, berries in my oats or a cup of fruit salad at Starbucks. Maybe if I'm ever back there, I ought to pack some multi-vitamins or something.

Lunch at Giorgio's Pizza was quick and good too. Step in the cosy diner and Giorgio himself would call out vociferously to you from behind the counter as he shovels whole pizzas into the oven. My friend and I each called two different slices, woofed them down and left. A quick and hearty meal with personalised service at its best.

Our last dinner on Sunday evening was across our hotel at Dick's Bodacious Bar.B.Q.. Like most restaurant meals there, they all came in huge servings. Go on, have a go! Guess which plate was mine.

Yah, it's the above one with green beans! I need my greens! I can't survive on just meat and cheese! The side serving of apple sauce I ordered was a big hit too as it seemed to go nicely with almost all of everyone's meats. And yes, that's my beer but no, I didn't choose it just cos it came with a slice of vitamin C. :P

Now I am aware that my recent writings do reveal a rather distinct lack of worldly travel experiences on my part. My continued candid observations on local food as well as amenities may sound somewhat unsophisticated. The sights that confound me or the dishes that amaze me may possibly be those that already appear mundane to the weary explorer. But these are still my honest annotates and as clumsy as they may be, I can promise you that they are all genuine and a part of who I am. Thanks for dropping by! Next stop, the Big Apple!!!

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