Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cavalock and The Soft-Serve Supremacy

I first heard of my friend opening another joint several months ago. Her first little eatery or ice-cream parlour as I like to call it, Creamier, is already pretty popular and almost always packed. Called Sunday Folks, the new place opened couple weeks ago and is located right in the middle of Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village.

For starters, Sunday Folks is much bigger and more spacious than Creamier. I kinda liked how it feels more like a proper restaurant than a hipster cafe. It's a different dessert concept although it's still another place to try their famous waffles if you haven't already had it. But here in the west, you get their new blend of soft-serve instead of the regular ice-cream that they serve at Creamier. An interesting change but I actually prefer the regular scoops cos I thought the soft-serve melted a little too fast. But I still wanna try all six soft-serve flavours (salted gula melaka, dark chocolate, Earl Grey lavender, roasted pistachio, Madagascar vanilla and summer strawberries) one day.

They also got a whole buncha other kinds of tempting desserts such as matcha cakes as well as rows of handmade toppings to choose from, like marshmallows and sesame thins for their soft-serve. In fact, I snapped quite a few shots of the restaurant but they didn't really do the place justice cos of the lighting and wrong angles. Maybe next time.

So my 80-year-old Dad has discovered a new park to shoot some birds. Here are some shots he took at Bishan Park recently. Not really similar to his previous photos, these birds seem rather contented to just perch around and let him snap away.

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