Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Cavalock and The Dessert Table Experiment

We were extremely fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity to prepare a dessert table recently and I thought I'll just share some shots of the event. Everything you see here was single-handedly baked (not by me!) from our tiny apartment kitchen.

Well, it was an office afternoon tea party for about 80 people. And you are looking at lemon tarts, raspberry and salted caramel macaroons, and three different kinds of individually-packed cookies (oatmeal raisins, chocolate chunk and chocolate brownie). The cakes include butter, marble, lemon poppyseed and chocolate prune.

Whew! I'm glad to say that the after-party feedback was extremely positive. A lot of hard work although my role was restricted to merely buying ingredients, carrying stuff and packing the individual cookies in their bags. ;)

So I hear that my favorite store in Japan, Tokyu Hands is set to open a little outlet right here on the island. Am I excited? A little but I'm more wary than anything else. They have everything! But it's those quirky oh-so-Japanese items they have on sale that made Tokyu Hands really stand out for me, and I have blogged about them several times like here and here although I gotta apologise bout the pix being all gone since its been a really long time ago. Some of the things I got from their giant Shinjuku outlet are a handful of crazy Japanese dice and a special carrier for your wet umbrella. They got a section for all kinds of cool items related to the Japanese rail system and I bought this coin bank that whenever you drop a coin, it plays a different JR-Yamamoto Line station jingle! The tiny maid bondage phone strap I got for my old Sony phone now hangs from my bag and it's still a great conversation starter ... for all the wrong reasons. Heh!

Now I don't really picture them opening a section promoting the JR Line nor do I see myself browsing through their crazy dice shelf. Chances are they gotta bring in the 'normal' gadgets and stuff to make a buck or two. But damn! I really, really hope they'll have the mini-yakitori grill for sale!

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