Friday, May 30, 2014

Cavalock and The Chwee Kueh Impersonation

A pleasant but rather warm dinner at Bistro du Vin and I couldn't resist snapping a shot of our starter when it arrived at the table. Doesn't this look like a serving of our traditional chwee kueh? Kinda like how you would imagine they would look like if served in a fancy restaurant. Hah! Have you figured out what it is yet? Answer at the end of the post!

Well, I was back clearing out the old family home again. No surprise that there aren't really much vintage "treasures" left to uncover but I thought these kitchen finds were worth at least a pix or two. Now the green table mat is one that I have rather fond memories of cos I really liked how deep and green it was, and of cos savouring all those home-cooked meals off it when I was in kindergarten. As for the retro glasses, I recall they only making an appearance when there are guests around which unfortunately wasn't very often.

A part of me freaked out when I found these old comic books earlier this week. They are English translations of the popular Chinese myth Journey to The West that I was furiously devouring as way back as when I was in kindergarten. They were only 70 cents per copy back then and I got issues 1 to 16, but that ain't the last issue cos at the end of that, they are still traveling to the West. Enjoyed reading them a lot and the clean detailed artwork really caught my eye. Partly to blame for getting me hooked on comics, them and Jack Kirby.

Answer: They are escargots served in little white individual bowls, topped with Italian parsley. 

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