Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cavalock and The Goblins' Brew

It's the first post of a new year and it kinda got me thinking bout this here site, the stuff that I put up and all. Since being a caregiver, the opportunity to dine at new fancy restaurants or hip cafes just ain't happening as much as I would like. Also, it seems like there are fewer readers dropping by but I'm cool with that since I'm doing all this more to de-stress than for anything else.

Having spent caregiving time with the older folks in my life as well as hours cleaning up the old family home, it got me thinking bout my younger days growing up on a sunny little island that is nothing at all like the one I'm on right now. I thought maybe I would delve into more personal matters, nothing too heavy or depressing but just things I wanna remember. Like how I think the kids today are missing out on the joys of speeding in a car with the windows down and head sticking out. Oh well, next post maybe. Hah!

Now here's a dinner post from late last year that I almost forgot. I do believe it was even my last expensive meal of 2013. Well, thanks to the Entertainer app on the iPhone, I was able to savor a rather affordable 1-for-1 meal at Bedrock Bar and Grill at Somerset. I really liked the place, cool dark deco. The dry-aged ribeye I had was medium done and I really no major complaints with it. A bit too chewy but I still enjoyed it.

We had nice selection of side orders too. Potatoes, oysters, french onion soup, steamed asparagus, tomato salad and more not pictured below. A very tasty spread that I had no regrets ordering. But seriously, with just the 300g steak clocking in almost S$100 and the sides at between S$15 to S$20 each, it's not a cheap meal. As much as I enjoyed myself, it's not a restaurant that I see myself back again.

Finally, a little humour that only comic book geeks would get. Geddit? <^;^>


red fir said...

hey hey I am still reading! ^;^

Cavalock said...

Thank you for being there for me! ;)

tuti said...

i read you now and then. used to blog long time back. like your writings. thanks.

Cavalock said...

Hey thanks! Hope you like the rest of my stuff too!

tuti said...

yes, they're always good to read (all topics). brings me places to eat too, haha, as i have no time at all working non stop 14 hrs average. you hang in there too, as a good caregiver. one day you will look back and you will know it has all been worth it. been one myself. ;)
take care, have a good 2014! and thank you for allowing me to read too.