Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cavalock and The Final Post of The Year

Hey, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

I'm grateful for whatever holiday activities that come my way. Since I became a full-time (unpaid) caregiver my social circle has kinda, well, more or less vanished. No more office gatherings, after-work parties, etc. I suppose there's some good and bad there. Anyway, I got a Christmas eve invite to a prim and proper dinner event with a new group of folks. I was initially a little apprehensive and cautious, worried that I might have forgotten my social graces over the months. But seriously, I had a good time, amazing home-cooked food (S$23 live Boston lobsters!) and of cos new, interesting company. Couldn't really ask for more on Christmas eve.

I thought I would do a little rundown on some of the cool things or activities this year that I really enjoyed. Figured it might help brighten my otherwise dreary caregiving days when I look back.

Back in September there was the bread making class where we learned how to bake challahs, baguettes and little soft buns. That was a really fun experience and I only wish I had to opportunity to make some more besides this. Printing this photo book bout my 80-year-old Dad's wildlife photos was a neat highlight too. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy? ;)

This was the year that I really went full hog on my boardgaming hobby. Funded four boardgames on Kickstarter and so far two have already arrived. Bought almost a dozen new ones as I slowly build a nice little boardgame library so that if anyone wants to drop by for a game, there'll be plenty to choose from. I really think if more people would take the time to play today's boardgames, they'll really enjoy them. I mean, boardgames aren't like Monopoly or Scrabble anymore. If you think boardgames are still like that, it's like saying all movies are like Gone With The Wind. There are soooooo many different boardgame genres out there. Let's see, some of the better games I played this year include The Downfall of PomPeii, Love Letter, Lords of Waterdeep with Scoundrels of Skullport expansion, Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, Elder Sign with the Unseen Forces expansion and a whole buncha others.

Then there's my new Lego hobby which I only started in the middle of the year. In one fell swoop, I spent about S$800 on those three Lego buildings in a single purchase from the back of a BMW. Really. Some of the guys are already hardcore Lego collectors so it was pretty easy for me get started on this. Recently we all went all-out on the fake Lego superhero minifigures. That was fun as it was not unlike the time over decade ago when we were going crazy over Mage Knight miniatures.

There were more than a few little moments in the year that I recall fondly. Like the half day trip across the Causeway, the fancy hospital staycation, winning the Star Wars LCG lucky draw twice in a row and selling old family vintage relics at my flea market stall on a hot Sunday afternoon. I guess compared to a lot of my peers and ex-colleagues, those don't seem like much but when you are a caregiver with only a handful of choices available, I'm so thankful for every moment that makes me happy.


muchadoabouteating said...

Sounds a lot more interesting than my boring working life. Happy new year!

ice said...

Give thanks for every moment. Happy New Year!

imp said...

And these moments were lovely. You're definitely a much nicer person than many I know. To a good 2014 for ya!

Anonymous said...

May I know where did u guys get the $1.80 Lego miniatures?

Cavalock said...

Muchadoabouteating: Hah, I'm sure next year won't be as boring and happy new year to you too!

ice: Happy new year! Yup, I try not to take things for granted.

imp: I just try to remember the good times, small they may be. Always fun reading your posts and looking forward to more in 2014!

Anon: You can find the Lego miniatures in almost all the small provision shops across the island. They are actually $3 each, only got a discount cos we bought over $400 worth of them.