Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cavalock and The Retro Christmas Sale

It's almost Christmas and I'm gonna be putting up some of the vintage retro items that I found in the old family home over the last year!

What we got here is a complete set of Zodiac-themed porcelain plates, mocha cups and saucers from famous German Hutschenreuther brand.

They are all unused and still in their original boxes; I believe they are from the 1970s and each is an exquisite vintage porcelain piece portraying one of the 12 Zodiac signs. They are also part of the "Poetic Porcelain" collection by designer Ole Winther. According to folklore, singles back in the 70s were pretty much into the Zodiac as popularise by that famous pick-up line in bars during that time, "hey gorgeous, what's your sign?" :)

Anyway, back to the plates, I have searched online extensively and I have only seen a few single plates going for about S$40 per piece. But I have also never come across anyone selling whole collections like this. Thus making them the perfect gift for the family who already has everything. Well, I'm selling my family's entire collection for only S$500, that's 36 pieces of designer porcelain at about only S$13 each. I don't intend to sell any singles so that means I won't be breaking the set up.

Don't forget I still got other vintage goodies for sale here and the blue whiskey glasses here are for sale too. All four blue glasses going for just S$32.

So last month I finally made my long awaited MacArthur-like return to Johor Bahru after like decades away. Although we only spent Saturday morning and early afternoon there I really enjoyed myself. The roadside fruits stalls and hawkers all made for a most welcome post-breakfast stopover before we started our shopping. Most of our time was spent at Tesco supermarket or rather the mall that Tesco was a tenant. Once I stepped into the mall, I swear I have never seen so many shops selling smartphone accessories in my life. Plus Beats By Dre headphones going for like S$30 only! Dozens of them in almost every shop! And shops here have the gall to sell them at crazy inflated prices like over a couple hundred bucks! I knew there was no way anyone would be dumb enough to pay over a hundred bucks for a pair of headphones. Hope the shops here learn a lesson from across the causeway and set prices closer to reality. ;)

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