Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cavalock and The Great Customized Minifigure Roundup

Looks like almost all our cakes are baked and delivered just in time for Christmas! Another huge thank-you to everyone and we really love all your wonderful compliments! Check this out, you got your sour cherry pie, pear cake, rum-soaked fruitcake and orange sugee cake.

I must admit that the holiday season can be a rather depressing time for us caregivers but I promised a long time ago not on dwell on unpleasant stuff in this here blog so allow me to totally geek out on a awesome day out with the guys. Started with an afternoon of boardgames with the couple of the guys at my place where we played Elder Sign and Core Worlds. Then we headed to the east to meet the rest of the gang for dinner and more importantly, to grab these fak... er... I mean customised Lego superhero minifigures!

Yes, these are technically not fake or counterfeit Lego products cos if you look at the packaging, no where does it say Lego. Making or customising your own lookalike Lego minifigures is actually a popular and legit thing among collectors. Apparently a bunch of enterprising guys in China decided to customised a whole bunch of Lego minifigures and sell them at very reasonable prices. So there you go, these are just ... er... customised minifgures. :P

In my previous post, I showed some of the ones I bought. Well, after our boardgame session at my place, we went and bought a ton of them at this little shop that had hundreds on sale including customised crowd favourites of Star Wars characters. It's the freakin' motherlode!!!! We spent over S$400 cos the auntie shopkeeper charged us only S$1.80 each! At that loooow price, we practically cleaned out half the shop. Some bought them as holiday gifts for kids or colleagues, others to make little armies or chessboard pieces. I grabbed just 10 boxes including a complete set of Le ... I mean customised Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigures. I love these Turtles and they come with their own skateboards and pizzas!

If you guys like these customised Lego minifigures from good ol' China, check out my other posts, here, here and here!

Lookit them pesky turtles skateboarding through the neighbourhood!  

Rooftop chase scene!

A Weapon X reunion tour!

Thor and Loki! Brothers on a balcony!
Super-villain team-up! Cyborg Superman and Bizarro go up against Green Lantern! Apparently Green Lantern and Bizarro are Comic Con exclusives and there is no official Cyborg Superman Lego minifigure yet. 
Then what greeted me back home was one of the games that I backed on Kickstarter couple months ago. The Agents finally came although the box was pretty banged up and contents a bit wet. Seems like the package made a slight detour to Israel. Interesting and unique game mechanism where different effects are triggered depending on how and where your cards are placed.

There you go, a rare yet totally geeky day and nite out with the guys. Wish there were more days like this. Like I said, the holiday season can be a downer especially if I go on social media and see someone's vacation pictures or even of office parties. Been more than a couple years since I went to a Christmas party too. I guess you kinda get cut off from meeting your peers and colleagues if you are a full-time caregiver. I tell myself there's a bright side to all this like spending time with my elderly family members but sometimes I do feel like I need a break.


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