Monday, December 23, 2013

Cavalock and The Pomegranate Reconciliation

Not many folks know this but you can actually grow pomegranates here in our weather. I know that for a fact cos we grew them back in the old family home and I would snack on them when I was kid. Now they weren't as big as the US ones you find in the supermarkets today but still there's something to be said bout the joy of eating something you grew in your own little garden.

So when I saw these big babies at the local supermarket, I figured why not try to see if a bite can take me back to my childhood. Here's a pretty neat link on what you can do with the pomegranate. Well, the arils are still as juicy and crunchy as ever, kinda reminds me of cranberries now. High in antioxidants and helps lower blood pressure, definitely worth grabbing a couple more the next time I'm at the supermarket.

Now I know some of you (if there are still any!) reading this who are probably sick of my fak ... I mean, "customised" Lego minifigures updates but I just can't help myself! We got a call from the auntie that they got a new shipment and almost instantly somewhere on this little island, a group of working adults, some married with kids, immediately cancelled their working lunches and made a beeline to the shop. At only S$1.80 each and with the real deals going for like S$20 each, how could we resist?

We figured there's gotta a leak somewhere in Lego that the factories in China are coming up with designs that are that close or accurate to the comic books. The entire Green Lantern figures based on the Brightest Day saga? Come on, I really find it hard to believe that someone in China some factory executive read the series and decided to make figures outta it! Some of these aren't even released as an official Lego minifigure (yet?) so there's gotta be someone, probably in the US who's supplying the factories with the prototype designs.

DC Comics' Secret Society of (Customised) Super-Villains: (Top left to right) Cyborg Superman, Bizarro and Two-Face. (Bottom left to right) Atrocitus, Sinestro and Joker.


Anonymous said...

Hi where u get the $1.80 lego blocks? I've tried some places like clementi but i didnt find it. is it ok for u to share where u got it from?

Cavalock said...

Oh, I mentioned in my earlier post that we got a discount cos my friends and spent over $400 during one visit (and hundreds more over the next few weeks!), that's why we got a discount. The usual price is $2.50 to $3, same as the rest of the shops all over the island. You can try the newsstands at some bus-stops or HDB provision shops.