Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cavalock and The Food Grand Prix Part Deux

I finally caught a break from my caregiving duties to spend a weekend with the guys at the biennial Magic: The Gathering Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix. The last time we were in the Malaysian capitol was two years ago in March and to be honest, this year was more of a makan trip masquerading as a gaming expedition.

We had a blast when we were there in 2012 and you can see the food and game pix when you stroll down here. We were a bigger group of eight this year compared to just five back then. Plus we were a little more realistic towards our gaming goals now as we know we were unlikely to advance to Day 2 of the competition where the top 100 plus will be. This is especially so when you consider the fact that we didn't have time to practise at all! We decided to turn our KL trip into more of a foodie trip, to stuff our faces with cheap, delicious and mouth-watering street food for three days!

Since I believe folks reading this are more into food than gaming, here's my first unforgettable meal just across the road from Sunway Lagoon Pyramid Hotel. I apologise for not getting the name of the kopi tiam but it's right in front, facing the hotel. It was filled with locals having lunch and there were several tempting stalls to choose from, all looking great but we were hungry for some rice and so we headed straight for the nasi brani one in the centre.

From familiar spicy sotongs to exotic fried quails, there was simply so much to pick from but I decided to start easy with the above selection (with free egg!). Kinda strange how they settled the bill here as they don't collect it after you picked your order in the queue, they'll come to your table later after you finished your meal. Plus I think the regulars there get to pick their dishes like in a buffet line. Don't ask me how much my bill was cos we paid as a group but it was cheap. I guess that's another reason why I can never be a food blogger! Anyway, we knew we were off to a good start after such an amazing first meal.

All right, now here's the part where I go into full geek mode and when most normal (non-geek) people should stop reading. So we flew to KL on early Friday morning to attend the Magic KL Grand Prix at Sunway Lagoon Resort but not having practised at all for the tournament, we decided to just make this a relaxing eat-all-day-and-night-long weekend with gaming as a side event for us rather than the main course.

Thanks to my uniquely Singaporean kiasu instinct, I was the first in our group to jump into the queue to register for the tournament in the afternoon. Well, some in our group didn't wanna join the super-long queue, some haven't arrived yet while some were looking for me in the main hall, sorry bout that cos I immediately leapt into the queue when I saw it forming right in front of my eyes and I didn't tell them! I was afraid of the freebies running out cos that's what happened to me in a previous Grand Prix. I let a couple of my friends (the ones who went searching for me!) cut into my queue and we got what we came for bout half hour later.

When I met up with the rest later in the shopping mall, I asked them to go sign up ASAP but they insisted that they still had time to do so later. Well, guess who had freebie playmats and who didn't at the end of the day. :)

Now we were so determined to make this a makan trip that all of us had already planned to check out on Day 1 Saturday! Half of us even dropped out of the tournament after only a few matches as we wanted to go watch a movie! Hah! Three stayed to finish all nine rounds and that ended at around 9pm. Only one guy in our group advanced to Day 2 but he did the smart thing and checked out with the rest of us too. Who wants a stress-filled weekend staring at little pieces of cardboard when you could be stuffing your face with some of the best street food in the region?

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