Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cavalock and The Fall of Suntec City

Suntec City what the *#$%?>!@ has happened to you?!? I finally managed to drop by for a visit one evening and it's sooooo different now, and I mean that in a bad way. Suntec City mall used to be so noisy and busy with trooping shoppers on every floor, almost every day of the week. Yah, I know about the huge renovation they did on the place but apparently they sucked at it cos no one goes there anymore. The entire place is like the freakin' South Pole now, freezing cold and deserted. The food joints in the basement do seem pretty busy during meal times but really, the upstairs shops whatever few remaining, are almost empty. Without a unique anchor tenant, I don't see the point of going there at all.

I did however managed to find a couple items that were rather interesting. No idea what Filipino style spaghetti sauce tastes like but that's too big a pack for me to take a chance! That was in Giant supermarket and next door at Wendy's, it's the first time I'm seeing an American fast food chain doing a local dessert! I haven't tried but it definitely looks good.

After two years of fighting pancreatic cancer, my uncle passed away last week. Although he didn't lived with us in the old family home, I have nothing but fond memories of him and we all loved him so much. I still remember when he came over, he would usually have a new comic book for me and he would slip it in his cupboard, between his neatly pressed shirts. Yah, my late uncle kinda still had a room even though he wasn't exactly there.

Well, looking back on my childhood got me thinking bout how naive I really was then. Which is quite funny when you think about it. I led a pretty sheltered childhood as I really had no reason to "venture outside". I was perfectly happy in my own little world, with my books, magazines, TV, comics and the radio was perpetually tuned to the BBC World Service. I was the kid who knew more about World War II history than his own country's origins.

Some childhood misconceptions I had include how I assumed that any adult who wore a tie to work was some big company boss or that like me, all kids had to take stupid music lessons after school.  Seriously, my neighbourhood was like some freakin' orchestra in the afternoon during after school hours! But I guess what was more of an eye-opener for me came later. I didn't know how blessed I was growing up surrounded by family members who all loved me unconditionally until I found out bout other families. Maybe I'll write bout that next time....

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