Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cavalock and The Bravest Pancake Breakfast

Saw this new joint in my neighborhood on my stroll back from dinner at Lavender food court one evening and figured it was worth checking out. Just opposite Jalan Besar Stadium, it's called the Bravery Cafe along Horne Road and I believe it's also by the same folks behind The Plain at Craig Road.

Now one of the good things bout this new place is they open at 8am and that means I finally get to have pancakes early! That there is S$15 hearty stack of 4 pancakes with bananas, ricotta cheese, honey and crushed pistachios. Pancakes were nice and fluffy, and I also liked how they offered honey instead of maple syrup. OK, that had me totally stuffed for the next 5 hours at least.

The poached eggs below were done perfectly too with a beautiful runny yolk. It was a pleasant Saturday morning breakfast and it wasn't crowded although I just heard that it was packed this Sunday afternoon. The only thing stopping me from dropping by on a regular basis is the price. I reckon a S$20 breakfast is something I can only afford once a month.

So my 79-year-old Dad's eagle pix was featured in the cover story of Saturday's Life! section of our local papers. The story was bout how a condo developer had to stop work cos of an eagle's nest in their way and while they waited for the little eagles to grow up, my Dad started snapping away for fun. There were two adult eagles and two little ones. Later my Dad made friends with the foreman or someone in charge and started showing them his pix. Think there were a couple hundred pix at the end of it all. They offered to buy the pix for a small fee and I made a CD which my Dad passed to them. Rather direct transaction really. I asked him if they made him sign anything and he said no.

I suppose they passed one of my Dad's pis to the papers for the story. It would had been cool if they mention his name or gave a credit but ... hey, I think there's a good human interest story in there bout an old guy using a digital camera for the first time in his life. Anyway, here are some of the other pix of the eagles growing up that my Dad took.


red fir said...

lol you are the most hipster of all the hipsters! I like honey instead of maple syrup too.

And nice one on your dad pix!

Cavalock said...

Oh no, I'm not hip, it's my neighborhood!