Friday, August 02, 2013

Cavalock and The Yakitori Decrement

Hey guess what, it's Nanbantei's 30th anniversary here! I didn't know that either until I stepped in for lunch a couple days ago and saw the staff wearing their anniversary t-shirts. Geez, I still remember how I was introduced to this place in the last century by a reporter colleague back when I was in my first real job at SPH, has it really been that long?

Well, for their cheap lunch bento set, it's still the best joint in town for yakitori. But standards have definitely dropped since the last decade. Let's see now ... No more wet towels. Way less rice in the bento box. For their asparagus maki, they used to wrap the bacon around the regular sized asparagus, now they use the really skinny asparagus instead. And the list goes on.

So why do I still head there for lunch? Like I said, their S$13.50 lunch bento is still the cheapest one around as far as I know. I also like the other items on their menu like the (oyster) kaki maki below, so I guess I'll still head there for lunch but anyone who knows any other good and cheap yakitori joints, let me know. ;)

July was also a neat month for all things geeky. Finally got the latest expansion Unseen Forces to one of my favorite Call of Cthulhu boardgames, Elder Sign. I have managed to put online most of my boardgame collection up at Collectibly. Drop me an email if anyone wants to play a game! I also spotted two of Spidey's super-villains Mysterio and Rhino on sale at Toys R Us, made a grab for them and hey, couldn't be happier. Then one July morning, I found these Superman and Batman treasures from the 1970s in one of my late uncle's luggage in the old family home! Still mint in their original packaging and according to online sources, the standees are worth over a hundred bucks each! If you are interested, drop me an email. Hmmm ... I wonder why my uncle didn't give them to me when I was little. Ah sure don't ask for much, just the simple things in life.


ice said...

Try Shinjuku at cuppage plaza. It's also under Nanbantei. They replaced the former kushigin. Same obento. ;)

Cavalock said...

Ah ok thanks! I remember that place now but haven't been there for awhile.