Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cavalock and The Hawking of Haddon Hall

It's time for another sale of retro stuff from the old family home! This is a huge lot and really something that I don't think you can find easily elsewhere, at least not in such a large collection.

Here we got a vintage collection of Haddon Hall plates and bowls from the UK that I discovered couple months ago. They don't make them in the UK anymore so these are pretty rare. All are still in excellent condition, never been used and I'm quite sure they are at least 30 years old. I hope this is a collection that folks today can really appreciate. Am selling the entire lot as a complete set so I'm not gonna be breaking them up.

I did a little online research and I believe there are some similar but cheaper one online. Now you can tell the difference by the illustrations. Seems like the illustrations on the cheaper ones cover the entire plate, has 'Haddon Hall' written over it and they also got a smoother circular rim. If you like what you see, drop me an email. Thanks for looking!

Price List for Haddon Hall Johnson Bros tableware:

A. Cup and saucer set: $25 x 4                      S$100

B. 20cm diameter plates: $25 x 4                  S$100

C. 22.5cm diameter plates: $25 x 4               S$100

D. 17cm diameter plates: $20 x 4                    S$80

E. 15.5cm diameter soup bowls: $20 x 4         S$80

F. 22.5cm diameter bowls: $35 x 2                  S$70

G. 25cm diameter plates: $30 x 4                  S$120

H. 28cm diameter oval plates: $35 x 2             S$70

                                                         Total: S$720

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