Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cavalock and The Chinese Garden Foto Foray

So my 79-year-old Dad has been hanging out at the Chinese Garden for awhile now and I thought these shots kinda showcase the diverse species of birds there. Not bad eh? And I'm still looking for any kind publisher who's interested in my Dad's photo book. ;)

Will always be grateful for friends who are fantastic cooks and who don't seem to mind having me over for dinner. Last month's home cooked meal by the pool was simply amazing. The cold soup corn with sour cream, kale salad, the dover sole and date cake for dessert followed by a home brewed cuppa Vietnamese coffee, it was just what the doctor ordered for a frequently stressed-out caregiver.

Funny thing bout this is whenever I'm there having dinner, the maids would come serve us, clear the plates and all that, and the first thing on my mind was southern plantation. Shades of Paula Deen in the deep south, it may not be the most politically correct thought to have but well, you know how when someone tells you not to think of the number '3', you can do nothing but think of the number '3'.

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