Monday, July 29, 2013

Cavalock and The Glico Star Wars Crossover

Now I know how Boba Fett must have felt in The Empire Strikes Back when he finally laid his hands on Han Solo! I have been searching for this all over the island since I saw it online over here. It's the Glico and Star Wars crossover, with all kinds of crazy combos like Yoda curry sauce and light saber pocky sticks.

What's more, each item comes with a (pretty cheesy) Star Wars related gimmick not unlike the things you'll find in an American cereal box. You can see what they are at the official Glico Star Wars page. The strawberry pocky sticks in the Star Wars pack I bought at Yamakawa (S$6.50 a pack) were the regular ones you can find in any supermarket.

So as you can see, the Star Wars freebie here is cut-out battlefield where you place little clone trooper and battle droid standees, and I guess they wobble and fight like in the last picture.

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