Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cavalock and The Lure of The Mandarin

I was actually kinda hoping to be proven wrong and enjoy a mind-blowing dining experience at our local Jamie's Italian that Thursday afternoon alas, the online reviews were right. It was a decent enough meal at an almost exorbitant price. I have no real complaints about the taste or quality of the food except maybe the posh fries or rather truffle fries were a little too soggy.  That there is the wild mushroom ravioli that I had and below that is the calamari. All that you see below for about S$80.

As I also expected, it was nothing like my experience at his Canary Wharf restaurant. That was more rowdy and filled with working adults instead of our family joint version. A different kinda vibe that I rather missed. A similar vibe would be at one of those places along Shenton Way that's always filled with loud expats drinking after office hours. On second thought, maybe I don't miss it after all.

Well, another annual Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) has just ended and as always, it was exhausting and fun. Like the last 3 pre-STGCC days over the years, we brought Marvel Comics' C.B. on another local food odyssey. You can check out his food blog here.

Yes, this year's STGCC was pretty much a Stark Industries affair as we see hundreds and hundreds of  Iron Man armor in all shapes (yes, shapes) and sizes. Look out for more STGCC pix at Here Be Geeks. Anyway, my best buy of STGCC weekend has got to be this comic pack starring Silver Centurion Iron Man and the Mandarin, the comic book version and not the movie one. Scored it on the first day and first hour of the convention, Great deal for only S$20 as they usually go for almost double that elsewhere and I only wanted the Mandarin figure. Fellow Marvel collectors will understand how difficult it is to find him in one of his classic costumes and at such a low price too.

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