Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cavalock and The Call of The Challah

Immensely satisfying and extremely therapeutic, that's how I would describe my bread making experience. I honestly never thought I would derive such a sense of gratification from kneading and shaping a mountain of dough.

Of the three kinds of bread I learned to make earlier that week, I decided to attempt the challah on Sunday, the other two being baguette and soft butter rolls. Really a coincidence that it was Yom Kippur the day in case anyone was wondering.

I always said how baking was more a science compared to cooking. It's perfectly OK to wing it while cooking but you gotta follow the recipe really close if you are baking. Well, that's not entirely true. Leaving the dough to ferment for one and a half hours like it says in the recipe isn't a good idea in our weather. And a good way to tell if something's baked is peering through the oven door instead of following the given time. Yah, you'll find yourself staring anxiously at the over door, not unlike the contestants on Great British Bake-Off (anyone else watching the latest season?). Grinning to yourself as your loaf slowly turns golden brown.

As you can see, the challah came out great and I'm already thinking of spicing things up the next time by adding stuff like poppy seeds. Er .... that is if I had any poppy seeds, not saying I do which of cos I don't since they are illegal! I HAVE NOOOO POPPY SEEDS!!!

Now just when I thought there was nothing else to found in the old family home, I decided to raid a single kitchen cabinet and look what I found tucked in the back of it! Besides a lot of lizard crap, there's this whole stack of retro glassware! Don't worry, they were nicely wrapped in plastic bags and looks brand new except for maybe the candy stand. The cool colored plates came in pairs but I have no idea what country they are from. However the clear glass plates are marked "Made in France". Wonder what else I'll find next time. Oh, and don't forget these are still for sale!!!



M. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Cavalock said...

Thanks M! ;)