Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cavalock and The Week of Crazy-Ass Indulgence

I must say that this has been a rather exceptional week in terms of gaming and dining. Notice how it's gaming first then dining, well, at least for last week. The gang's all hyped up over Magic: The Gathering card game again as we played our hearts out at the Theros pre-release and release weekends, as well as enjoying a host of other new card and boardgames. *Whew*

Playing games has been one of the few ways I de-stress after my caregiver duties and when I say "games", it's usually the analog types and not the digital or PC ones unless it's on the iPad which is a whole new other past time of mine. So anyway, this week saw a whole buncha games that I have been waiting for to launch or reach our little island.

From top clockwise, we got us the Planeswalker Elspeth, Sun's Champion, the mythic rare Magic: The Gathering card that won 2 out of 3 two-headed giant games at the Theros release weekend. It was a team event and my friend and I were down to 3 life points in our first game but we made the most awesome comeback ever to win the match with that card. Triggered her second ability to clear board and waited till we had a small army to mow down the opposition. Went home with 12 boosters and one promo foil for just S$42 entry fee.

The last pack of the Star Wars Hoth cycle cards arrived this week too. Nice game although I just don't have the time to play it and since most of the gang are back into Magic, this might be the last pack I'll be getting for awhile. I'll just stick to the cards I already have and still play with them.

Bottom left is one of the most popular boardgames right now, Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar. Great management resource and worker placement game with a very unique movable wheel system where your workers' resources changes every turn. A very intense game, lots of tactical decisions to make and you really got to plan before you decide where to place or collect your workers. Definitely not for boardgame newbies but oh, soooooo much fun!

Then there's The Downfall of Pompeii boardgame that I bought from a local online boardgame shop. Haven't played it yet at time of this writing but saw and read really cool stuff about it. The game is actually divided into two parts, first each player take turns populating the city, then when the volcano erupts later in the game, everyone tries to get as many of their own people out as possible. Winner is the guy who gets the most out.

Well, like I said earlier, food took a little back seat to gaming last week. But I still managed to stuff my fat face with some new and old goodies. Checked out the mushroom burger from Meat Packing District along Waterloo Street for the first time and I kinda liked it. Wasn't too sloppy and everything tasted really fine.

And last Saturday nite started with ribs at The Chop House over at Vivo City. One word to describe the whole experience "CUMIN!" If you are a fan of that Eastern spice, hey, this is the place cos they apparently dumped a ton of it on everything! I would have been a victim of OD-ing by cumin if such a thing was possible. After that I really needed something to clear my palate or system cos I'm pretty sure I got cumin oozing outta my pores by then. So we drove to Dempsy Hill and it being F1 weekend last week, the place wasn't that crowded at all. Had a nice cheese platter with a bottle of excellent moscato wine at Jones the Grocer.

Finally at the bottom right pix is my usual cheap Friday nite dinner of "scissor curry rice" consisting of a chicken wing, fried egg and cabbage, at the popular stall along Jalan Besar, before I head off for my Friday night gaming session.

So how was your week?

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