Saturday, October 05, 2013

Cavalock and The Tingkat from Thailand

Another day spent picking through the old family home and here's something I found in the kitchen recently. Not exactly an unusual sight as most of us here have seen 'tingkats' or tiffin carriers before. I guess what's different bout this tingkat I found is that it's at least over 40 years old and comes all the way from Thailand. I dunno I'm thinking mebbe someone in the family back then ordered some serious long distance takeaway food.

It's sightly larger than most of today's tingkats and notice the intrinsic designs. I also like the little three cups or containers in the top tier. Like most of the other old stuff I found in the kitchen, this was nicely wrapped up in plastic and look as good as new. I thought this would make a cool accessory for anyone attending the Diner en Blanc later this month. No, I ain't going but it looks kinda classy non?

My Dad turned 80 last Monday (yah, my folks had me late and another reason why I'm an only child) so I thought maybe I'll just post a buncha pix he took at our national Bird Park a week or two ago. He actually took a few thousand shots and is right now considering getting an extremely expensive Cannon camera. I know he'll be using it everyday but still, it's damn expensive and heavy too.

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