Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cavalock and The Little Things That Matter

Ended my Restaurant Week experience with a meal at Salta at Icon Village. Dinner started with a very pleasant blue swimmer crab timbale. Not too heavy and just smooth enough to guide me into my pan seared sea bream main course. I chose this instead of the beef steak cos I figured they already do great steaks since that's their specialty, so I wanna see how was their fish. And I totally enjoyed it! The sea bream was pan seared to perfection but what I really liked was the pumpkin puree that came with it. Awww man, that sauce dialed it up for me. I freaking cleaned the plate up with it. Been a very long time since I had a fish meal this memorable. The dessert was amazing too. The lavender scented bread pudding tasted like an almost perfect kueh lapis, with a nice scoop of coconut ice-cream on it. It was a perfect dinner if not for one very minor detail ....

... and that was how old the menus were. Old enough for them to possess a certain whiff that instantly transported me back to the old Stamford Road National Library. Maybe I'm too sensitive but the menus sure smell like some ancient parchments. You know that really old book smell? But really, that didn't spoil my dinner at all. I had a wonderful time, no complaints about the food or service. In fact, we even left them a 10% tip even though there's no service charge. Will definitely drop by again for lunch or dinner.

I have mentioned before that I started this blog to more or less talk bout stuff that made me happy. I try not to write bout the things that brought me down. Had quite a rough week so I figured I'll remind myself of the little geeky things that brought a smile to my face recently.

The Magic the Gathering playmat I won in a lucky draw on Wednesday nite, the Abomination action figure I found at Takashimaya and the arrival of my (first) Kickstarter boardgames Via Appia and Templer. All the little things that may not a lot to anyone else but certainly lifted me spirits when I got me hands on them. I'm not a hard guy to please. Oh and remember my family's vintage cheongsams? Brought them to a local history professor and he sure was impressed by them, more on this later if it all pans out.

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