Monday, June 24, 2013

Cavalock and The Post-Haze Post

Whoa! Looks like the notorious haze is away for today at least and I figured it's good time for a little shout out to my friend's ice-cream parlor Creamier at Toa Payoh. Since they started couple years ago, the shop has really come a long in a such a short time. Lotsa cool reviews and even the opportunity to create a special ice-cream dessert for one of the world's top 10 restaurants (Zagat guide), Lolla. Had a lovely affogato while I was there last month and listened to some rather amusing customer stories.

Time for this month's supermarket sightings. Spotted this rather expensive but supposedly healthier cheese slices at Market Place Paragon. Was actually looking for non trans fat butter and cheese but not much luck there I'm afraid. At Meidi-ya supermarket, there's Tony Roma's frozen ribs for sale! Not a big fan but here's one less reason to hang out near Orchard Towers if you know what I mean. Also when (and not if) the haze hits again and you got a craving for ribs, you know what to do. ;)

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