Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cavalock and The Heston Menu Banishment

Something I saw or rather read earlier this week reminded me of my little trip to the U.K. back in 2009. Back then we were driving from London to Edinburgh and we made a pit stop at one of the popular highway Little Chef restaurants. Now this was just after the famous British chef Heston has revamped their menu to save the then ailing chain. And we were all pretty excited to have lunch there, and you can see the post and pix here. So you can imagine how surprised we were when we saw this article online. Seems like the locals didn't like Heston's revamped menu as much as we did! But I don't really blame them. I mean if some famous chef were to 'update' our local hawker fare, I think I wouldn't take too kindly to it either.

Screencap from Daily Mail

Another celebrity chef that I can't seem to stop reading about is Paula Deen whose use of the 'N'-word (years ago) has come back to haunt her. The ongoing saga is all here and I really like them late night jokes. Which reminded me of this post of mine a few weeks ago. It also got me reminiscing bout how we used the other less offensive 'N'-word frequently in my family back when I was a kid decades ago. I was taught by my aunts and uncles that the black guy on TV was called a Negro. And that's how it was whenever we talked about the black actors on TV cos living in this part of the world that's the only place we get to see any blacks, so I only used the word at home. It was much later in life when I started working that being politically-correct became a big deal. 

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