Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cavalock and The Lobster Roll Affair(s)

Seen it on TV, drooled over it online and in magazines but never really had one till last week. My first lobster roll and although it wasn't a full-fledged sandwich roll, it was definitely good enough. It was a lobster slider starter at Luke's and it was everything I expected it to be. The lobster was fresh, the bread was nicely buttered and toasted, my only gripe was it's just one little roll even though it said 'sliders' plural in the menu. I sure wouldn't mind a whole roll.

What else can I say bout this fancy joint? We ordered lotsa stuff and almost everything was good. I actually much preferred the starters and snacks than their main course chops. Look, you already got an amazing oyster bar selection, great salads like the tomato salad, delicious crab cakes and after all that I really didn't have much room left for the kurubuta pork chops that came with a huge order of old style hash browns. A really memorable dinner and did I mention bout the couple next to us who I swear is having an illicit affair. Dimly lit romantic dinner where she's married and he's not. Huh? Wattdaya mean 'real' food bloggers don't talk bout stuff like that?!? Damn it, maybe that's why I still don't get any food invites! ;)

Well, my 79-year-old Dad has been stacking out a certain Sunbird's nest since last week and I believe one of the nestlings has already flown the coop. It's the same nest from my last post and you can kinda track how big they have grown. I think they look pretty cute. By the way, I'm thinking doing a little photo book thing with my Dad's photos and I was wondering if anyone out there point me in the right direction, like a good publisher? I sure would appreciate it!


yixiao said...

The lobster roll looks tiny! Just have been a mouthful of yum :)

Cavalock said...

Yah, its small. Dunno why they don't/won't have it as a main.

bookjunkie said...

Your dad's photography is brilliant. I would be so proud too. Are those gorgeous birds found on our shores? wow!

Cavalock said...

Thanks for liking the pix! Yup, there are all from our little island.