Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cavalock and The Lazy Hazy Crazy Herons

Well, I'm finally back to exploring the area around my apartment again or rather checking out the new food joints in the neighborhood. Heard about this new cafe for sometime now and got to drop by Jewel Cafe and Bar along Rangoon Road for dessert last Friday nite. Now I wish I had the opportunity to savor their interesting menu but we already had a most satisfying fish steamboat dinner right across the road.

Since it was a Friday nite, the place was naturally quite packed when we arrived so we had a table outside. Had my caffeine fix of choice, a big foaming cuppa flat white. That's one of the differences between a flat white and a latte, it's gotta come in a big cup! It definitely helped complement towards a perfect end to the evening. Very, very well roasted with a rich aroma and I like how there's just the right amount of milk that it doesn't overpower the whole drink and turn it into a latte.

Now the haze certainly seems to have petered out quite a bit since the last week. But back during the week when it was at its peak (around PSI 300+), my 79-year-old Dad was still out snapping wildlife pix all over the island, without a mask. Yah, I was pretty concerned but that wasn't much I can do if that's what he wants.  As you can see, not his best shots but still quite interesting I guess, nests of herons at Pasir Ris all getting ready to start new families. I believe the above sunbird is probably the best close-up of that hazy week.

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