Monday, April 22, 2013

Cavalock and The Writing Therapy Tryout

Some days I really wish I got more stuff to write about. Last week was alright I guess, I mean if you are a caretaker like me and a quiet week is usually a good sign. Well, I did had the pleasure of savoring a truly divine homemade matcha swiss roll by a local food blogger. And the Duck L'orange in sous vide for dinner was fantastic too, I believe that was my first sous vide dish that I know of anyway.

Another trip to supermarket Meidi-ya means another look at some more new goodies on their shelves. A couple of interesting sweet potato and marron or chestnut spreads from Japan. They ought to be good on crackers or bread. And check out that new award-winning rosemary honey ale from Spain. It reads winter honey ale style, made of barley malt, rosemary and rosemary honey, hops and yeast. That just sounds so damn sweet.

So one of the things I'm doing right now is some self-imposed writing therapy. It sorta helps me take my mind off my caregiving duties and also kinda restores my sanity ... in a small way, at least I hope it does. Been plotting and writing a bunch of stuff over the last couple months but none of them are complete yet. Here you got something I managed to put together the first part of something for young readers. It's just an unedited first draft right now (yah I know it definitely needs a lot more work and polishing up) and three chapters are up here on wattpad. I do have an ending and will post that in the near future if anyone's interested. Be gentle now. <^;^>

Here's an excerpt

"A soft yellow glow appeared at the far end of the room. It grew larger until it almost occupied half of the opposite wall, bathing most of the statues in an unnerving radiance. As her vision gradually cleared, she saw the outlines of two robed figures stalking from the glow towards her. They made a silent waving gesture with their hands and there came another howl from the ceiling but this time it sounded right directly overhead Mills.

Intuitively she turned towards the inhuman sound again. The entire hall was now brightly illuminated but as she looked up, Mills wished that she was back in the dark. A cascade of long wet tentacles dropped from a whirling void that had suddenly appeared above her.  Cold freezing air poured down and this time her scream was loud as it echoed down the hall. An icy green tentacle lashed down and coiled itself around her outstretched right arm. She struggled to pull her arm to her chest but the tentacle was too strong as it lifted her up towards the void."

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