Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cavalock and The Politically Correct Minefield

So how crazy would one expect something called Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt to be? Well, you can find out if you buy a shaker of it at Meidi-Ya supermarket. Saw it and was almost tempted to get it just cos of the name until I realized it costs over S$12 for one. But seriously, looking at the ingredients I think it would make a pretty interesting seasoning.

Something over the last couple days got me thinking bout political correctness and stuff. It seems like these days you can't make any negative comment (especially online) without being branded a sexist, racist, xenophobe and so on if you happen to mention any specific details of the individuals involved.

For example, recently there's a group of teenagers in my neighborhood who would go around asking for money from strangers, like they'll walk up to you can say, "Do you have two dollars to give me?" Now if I were to rant bout it online and mention their race, would it be misconstrued as a racist comment? Am I talking down to a particular race cos I'm pointing that out?

Or how about if I spot, snap a pix and highlight on social media some anti-social behavior by a foreign worker/expat, would that make me a xenophobe? I think it would cos I have seen it happen to people online. I have mentioned before that having been raised by women, I honestly believe that most women are way stronger and braver than men. They really are the stronger sex as far as I'm concerned. But the moment I complement a woman's looks like Obama did and I'm now a sexist cos I wasn't thinking about how intelligent she is? Never ever mention a person's looks?

So really, how does one maneuver around this politically correct minefield? All right, rant over.

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