Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cavalock and The Latte Art Tooth Fairy

Look what I found! A new coffee joint that does latte art requests! It's a nice little place in the hippest part of town and not many people have heard of it yet. So I asked the barista to do one that looks like a tooth. Ain't that something? I think it looks great, like a real big white tooth!

Just kidding! Alight, it was my really first attempt at latte art back at home a few weeks ago. Yup, it was exactly my intention to do it in the shape of a molar tooth. Oh yeah, that was the plan all along. It's not like I was trying to do something else and it turned out to look like a tooth. I bet I'll be a big hit at dentists' conventions.

Hey! It's almost that time of the year again where the local food fest known as Savour will take over the F1 Pit Building this weekend. If you think it's another blatant attempt by me to become a food blogger, then you are right! I was there last year and well, that little write-up apparently wasn't enough to qualify me to be a food blogger. So here's hoping that if I do make it to this year's event, I'll be able to whip something up that'll finally elevate me to the illustrious ranks of our local food bloggers.

Nah, I'm just yanking yer chain again. I write, blog, rant whatever makes me happy. I just find it extremely amusing how some food blogs actually become meal tickets for their owners. Anyway, so who's going?


Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing when this coffee joint is?

Cavalock said...

Hi, I was just kidding. If you read further, you'll see that I did it at home. ;) Thanks for dropping by!