Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cavalock and The Bird Nest Buildup

Been helping my 79-year-old Dad download and file his hundreds of wildlife pix this last week. Seems like he's no longer stalking eagles found much smaller birds to aim his camera at. Lots of really interesting shots of birds and their nests. Like I always said, there are all kinds of cool wildlife all over the island like this sunbird building a new home in Bukit Panjang.

According to my Dad, there were two sunbirds but most of his shots were only of one bird in action doing all the building. Here you can see the nest slowly coming together and I believe it took bout 4 days to put it together. The nest was already halfway built when these were taken. There are dozens of shots and I felt these are the better ones.

And still on my writing therapy sessions, here's the prologue to another story. Thought it might be interesting or challenging to set this one here in my own backyard and yes, it's also a wee bit Lovecraftian.


It was almost noon as I leaned across the starboard side; peering down at the docks I can clearly see the rest of the passengers slowly boarding the merchant ship. “My God, they … they seemed so calm, so innocent, so oblivious to the truth that this island is already doomed,” I muttered over and over. Ever as I’m leaving Singapore now in board daylight, I don’t feel safe and I know I’ll never feel safe again.

I wanted to warn someone, anyone but no sane person could ever comprehend what I have seen this last week. I thought I have witnessed horror in all its most atrocious forms during those last dark days in Berlin back in 1945 but this was something not from this world. This was an ancient unspeakable terror that has somehow found its way back to our world.


Anonymous said...

love seeing your dad's photos & being reminded of how desperately the wildlife cling on to claim their place in the island. You should write about your family, things that you feel. The glimpses of their characters throughout your blog hint of such colourful characters from a vanishing era

Cavalock said...

Thank you for dropping by and I'm glad that you like the wildlife pix. Yah, I do intend to post more such articles. Hope you enjoy them! ;)