Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cavalock and The Game of Thrones Savour Team-Up

It's the second annual Savour food fest and just like last year, I was there on a Friday afternoon. But unlike the previous year, my Gourmet Village dining tickets were for the evening slot instead of the afternoon one. So now we can hang out in the air-conditioned Gourmet Market for at least a few hours.

But first a big shout-out to HBO and the upcoming season 3 of Game of Thrones starting this April 20, Saturday night 9pm. They did a great promo that included a cooking demo of food from the show. Yaaaah, right. Anyway, we had some lamb and lemon cookies cos that's apparently what they had in Westeros. Hey, I was reading the books over a decade ago before the series came out. Check out this t-shirt I got last year. But hey, it's a great show (even better if it's uncensored) so go watch it.

Was at a tea-pastry pairing workshop too. Found out that I really suck at food pairing. Three things are supposed to happen to the flavors when you pair food. Like does it intensify, cancel or blend the flavors. Since we got there a little late, we could only observe the class and not sample any of the pastries.

So what else did I have at Savour this year? Good ol' beef. Lotsa good beefy dishes if you are into it. Below is my fav from Stellar@1 Altitude. Nicely done and tender, I enjoyed every bite.

But my first bite for the day was actually these couple slices of pie (lime vodka and choc caramel below) from Windowsill Pies at the Gourmet Market earlier that afternoon. Followed a short while later by an Earl Grey ice-cream cookie sandwich. Much better than I thought it would be.

So at exactly 5pm, we descended upon the Gourmet Village. First stall on the hit list was UK's Wild Honey. That's their squid and mackerel burger below which was alright although I really couldn't really taste any squid in it. Their slow cooked beef cottage pie and hot smoked potato may not look like much but we liked it a lot. There's something to be said when a piece of beef is cooked perfectly the way you like it to be.

Hong Kong's famous Bo Innovation was an interesting experience. The molecular xiao long bao (in the black spoons) exploded in my mouth. Didn't expect it as the familiar taste of your typical xiao long bao just filled up my mouth, a little overwhelming but I thought it was pretty neat in a fireworks-in-your-mouth kinda way. Next to it is the cha chan tang, that's actually butter toast ice cream, condensed milk foam, peanut butter and apricot ice, kaya marshmallow, 'ying yang' hot milk tea and cold coffee. *Whew*

Also had some of these. A traditional Peruvian seafood appetizer of shrimps, scallops and octopus from Peru's Astrid Y Gaston. And from UK's Pollen Street Social that's a slow cooked Angus ox cheek braised in Burgundy, horseradish and potato puree, roasted carrots and bone marrow crumb. Put everything I had together and it's like you got a freakin' amazing dinner from around the world!

We bought a ton of groceries as well like cheese, chips and over S$100 worth of Nespresso capsules cos they got the two new limited edition flavors Trieste (intensity 9) and Napoli (intensity 11). Had a Trieste this morning and I must say it's way better than any of the other new flavors that they came out with recently. And there's even a free Nespresso fan!

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