Monday, March 04, 2013

Cavalock and The Go Go Ninjago Bash

Well, we had the Iron Man cookies and Disney's Cars birthday cake coming out of my kitchen (but not by me), so this week it's Lego's Ninjago's turn! Was a vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream to be exact, and of course chocolate cupcakes.

Always a joy to such amazing handicraft take shape right before your eyes. Oh, and the cake itself is a multi-colored layered cake. I heard the kids and parents all had a pleasant surprise when they sliced the cake. :)

Well, being a caregiver really doesn't leave me much time or energy to do or rather indulge in the things I like. Some days I spent at the old family home, making like Storage Wars or American Pickers, here's a little something I found. Heh, I think most of you won't know what these are.

From the 1970s, these little thick cardboard stamps or tickets are from public weighing machines back in the day. The cards even say where the machines were found, like the now abandoned Capital Theatre next to Raffles City. On one side was some Hong Kong movie celebrity and the other side tells you the date and your weight. Plus random fortune cookie talk! Pretty neat huh?

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