Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cavalock and The Smokin' Bus Incident

Winter is ... opps, I mean Easter is coming. So naturally there's gotta be some Easter goodies coming outta mah little ol' kitchen. Check out these chocolate with vanilla buttercream cupcakes! Made (not by me!) and given out for free too!

Once again, I had absolutely nothing to do with them except take a couple of shots of the cupcakes. I remember decades ago, as a kid bout six years old, my Dad would bring me to the kids' Easter Party at Mandarin Hotel in Orchard (it happened more than one Easter I think). I still have some vague memories of it. Got some goodie bags, painted Easter eggs, lotsa other screaming kids in a hotel ballroom, and some guy in a giant pink bunny suit. And yah, I kinda freaked out at all that and wailed my way home. So anyone else had any Easter nightmares as a kid?

Now just when you thought our public transport couldn't get any worse! Here's something that happened a few hours ago. Me and the guys were on our way to supper after our regular boardgame session. Our car stopped behind this bus at the traffic light junction opposite the Central Library. Naturally with four guys (and two lightsabers in the back seat. Really) in the car, we were trash-talking our guts out. That is until we noticed smoke emitting outta the backside of the bus right in front of us, then BANG! Alright, maybe it wasn't that loud but we did hear a 'bang!'. I was riding shotgun and did what came naturally. I ducked under my seat while whipping out my iPhone, raising it above my head, closed my eyes and started snapping like crazy. Yup, I took those pix and not someone else as some might claim online. Seconds later, passengers started alighting and strange thing was that the cops showed up almost immediately. No one's that fast so were they already following the bus or do you believe in coincidence?

So later while we were all having supper at the food court, we talked bout how close me and the driver were to getting our brains blown out if the back of the bus really exploded with flames and all. The shrapnel would have crashed through the windscreen and killed us in the front seats. We cracked lotsa gamer jokes like how we made our +2 saving rolls. Life is short cos you never can tell if the bus you are in is gonna go up in smoke. Like I said, years ago live fast, love hard and die with your mask on. ;)

4D UPDATE! Not surprisingly one of the guys (it wasn't me!) played the bus number 960, there's also the license plate with a partial 40. Well, the winning first prize 4D number on Wednesday was 5609. Not really that close but I'm sure there's a 5 in the license plate somewhere... ;)


Bern said...

hey so u were the one in the car behind this bus! the pic has gone viral on fb!

Cavalock said...

Lol, yah I group whatsapp the pix to my friends, some of whom were in the car, and they posted it on their facebook. So i think a local blogger took the pix and said it was taken by my friend which it wasn't.