Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cavalock and The Overdue Martini Maneuver

I dare say this was the first wedding dinner I have attended in ages. Ever since I became a caregiver, the opportunities to indulge in "normal" activities have been so few that I sometimes wonder if I'm slowly losing my mind.

Although the rather traditional wedding dinner was fun, what was way more memorable was catching up with ex-colleagues and friends. Also finally stepped into Morton's for the first time for a little pre-wedding dinner martini with the best ice-cream maker in town. Glad that we got seated at the main restaurant bar instead of that little crowded and noisy circular bar. At least we could hear ourselves talk.

Check out what she got for me all the way from Japan, band-aids in the style of Japan's famous Shinkansen bullet trains! There are 10 plasters and they so cute you'll almost wanna got slash yourself! 

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