Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cavalock and The Return to The Mummy Museum

While rampaging through the old family home kitchen I found these little baking nuggets! These traditional 'kueh' cutters have been in the family for at least 50 years I think. Not sure if you can still find these shapes or designs in shops today, I suppose the heart-shaped one is quite common. They still look pretty much as good as new except for some tarnishing.

I also finally decided to bring these old made-in-UK tea cups and saucers back to my current home. Figured it's about time I had a proper tea set and no, I have not been watching Downton Abbey. I remember seeing the brown tea set since I was a kid so that's gotta be pretty old. Back then my family was rather serious bout tea breaks. I would have to stop whatever I was doing (reading comics, playing, napping, reading comics, watching TV, listening to the radio, reading comics) and have my biscuits, curry buns or chicken (yes, chicken or drumstick to be exact) at about 3pm almost everyday. I wouldn't drink tea since I was still little so it was usually milk or water, maybe Ribena. So can anyone recommend a good tea flavor? Thanks in advance!

And speaking of old stuff, here's a bit of good news and bad news of the archaeological sorts this week. Good news is the announcement that locals will get to enjoy yearlong free entry to all pubic museums in the country from May 18th. Bad news is the upcoming Mummies exhibition from the British Museum at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum ain't part of the free ride.

But odds are, I'll still pay to go see it even though I have already seen them while I was in London hence all these pix I took. According to the press release, there'll be more than 100 artifacts and six mummies which usually means just a little more than 100 artifacts if we are lucky. That's a mere fraction of I saw for FREE in London! The ticket price here had better be reasonable.

Now the public library copy of Tutankhamen's Curse that I got was such a great read that I have ordered my own hardcover copy from The Book Depository. For a book with the word 'Curse' in the title, there's hardly any mention of the infamous curse until halfway through the book. The non-fiction book traces the life and afterlife of the famous boy king, tons of information about the dig itself including the life of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb.

The hardcover book is just filled with so many interesting facts about the mummies, Ancient Egypt as well as life during early 20th century and how it got all wrapped up in the mummy craze. It's so easy to read and not heavy at all. Turning every page is like unwrapping a mummy bandage by bandage. It's such a great learning experience. I sooooo recommend this book for anyone who has even the slightest interest in Ancient Egypt or mummies.

Geez, after writing all that I realized two things. First is that I'm extremely blessed to have seen the Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum and secondly, all these pix I took make great promo for the coming exhibit!

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