Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cavalock and The Pan Searing Experiment

Home alone on a Friday night and finally decided to put something together a la Chopped and Iron Chef, for dinner. Took a look in the fridge or rather rampaged through the ice box, and found myself a bag of scallops, a chunk of salmon and a head of broccoli.

So after a quick scan of various YouTube videos on how to pan sear salmon and scallops, I'm ready to go! But seriously, all I did was do a Google video search for "pan seared salmon" and "pan seared scallops" to get started. There are lotsa short videos to choose from. I merely picked those with celebrity chefs whom I'm familiar with.

Everything turned out alright, wasn't the best thing that came outta the kitchen but I figured it was ok for a last minute thing. The scallops needed more salt although I thought they were nicely seared. And I rather like the salmon, having seasoned it with olive oil, some salt and pepper before searing it o a medium rare. Rather enjoyed the crisp skin too. Now having done the salmon and scallops, I immediately added the white wine and shallots to make the sauce. Could have used more white wine and some fresh herbs (was outta fresh herbs) to create a more flavorful sauce I think. Also did a very simple boiled broccoli soup to complete the meal.

Of course, the fastest dessert I can prepare. My usual affogato and definitely no complaints there. But cleaning up after the meal was %^#!?*&$@! We got oil splatter all over the kitchen which meant almost half hour of cleaning up to do. Now you sure as hell won't find other 'food' blogs giving you the lowdown, underbelly side of food blogging like I do! <^;^>

To 'celebrate' the announcement of the new coins heading our way later this year, I thought I'll try to sell some of my old coins from the family home. I usually put these up for sale on my Facebook but I figured I'll showcase some of them here. Each is a commemorative coin set celebrating a Chinese zodiac year. Perfect for today's coin collectors or for someone who's born in that year.

At the top it's a Year of the Rabbit (1987) set of uncirculated coins, this is the current series of coins that we are using right now. Next to the set is a 1987 $5 coin celebrating 100 years of National Museum-ness. I'm letting both go for just S$20.

Then in clockwise direction, we got a Year of the Rooster (1981) set and a $10 Rooster coin. Now the coins in the set are those for the series prior to the current one in circulation, the old marine life series. Yours for only S$20.

Next is a Year of the Dragon (1988) set and a special dragon coin. Selling for S$15.

The Year of the Boar (1983) set next, also from the old marine life series, and $10 boar coin for just S$20.

Lastly, it's the Year of the Rat (1984) set and commemorative $10 rat coin for also only S$20.

Drop me an email at if there's anything you like and thanks for dropping by!

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