Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cavalock and The Wednesday's Beer Cat

You like cats? You like drinking beer? Then I guess you might like this. I have no idea how it tastes like but it's not everyday you see a Japanese beer named after a day of the week then calls itself a cat, done Belgian style and includes orange peel as well as coriander aroma. Where else but at Meidi-Ya, Liang Court. <^;^>

Here's a popular kopi tiam that's been featured numerous times in the papers, TV and blogs.  The famous Beach Road Scissor-cut Curry Rice shop along Jalan Besar. Believe it or not, I only started eating here last year even though I live not that far away. Truth is, the word 'curry' kinda scared me off but finally gave it a try and I luv it. :P

Yah, it does look real messy but how it looks is inversely proportional to its taste. Really! The curry ain't spicy at all. It's more like gravy. My usual suspects, rice, chicken wing, cabbage and a fried egg.

Well, looks like my Dad has found some other kinda birds to shoot besides all them eagles around the island. Despite what some urbanities might think, there's actually a rather rich wildlife scene here. My 79-year-old Dad is out almost everyday lugging his heavy load of photography gear, heading out to places like the Botanic Gardens, Pasir Panjang or Little Guilin. Just thought I'll share some of his latest ones here.

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