Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cavalock and The Oreo Variety Variance

After last post on all them crazy Oreos, look what I found today at Meidi-Ya! More packs of yummy Oreos from Japan! This looks like it's going to be my favorite, coffee caramel Oreo. These are soft cookies, I believe softer than your regular Oreos so don't think bout dipping them in milk just yet.

Another flavor that caught my eye was this lemony one. Not a big fan on all things lemony so there you go.

From where I come from, Teh-O or tea-O means tea with sugar only and no milk or cream. But in Japan, it looks like with Tea O On The Rock, you still get your (royal) milk tea with it or not.


red fir said...

Think I saw these oreos at Yamakawa Super @ Central Clarke Quay some time back. So did you like the coffee caramel Oreo? I would love the lemony one coz I love everything lemon!

Cavalock said...

Well, I didn't buy them. I think at $5.20, it's pretty ex for a bag of Oreos! ;P