Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cavalock and The iPhone Inevitability

I guess it's no surprise that I bought the new iPhone 4S. There are already 6 working Apple products in my apartment right now including a new MacBook Pro I bought just 2 months ago. Also I have on more than one occasion gushed over them like here and here. Anyway it was almost 2 years after I got the iPhone 3GS and my teleco contract was up so like I said, no surprise here.

Naturally I took as many food pix as I can remember, after I have placed my order or stumbling upon a new joint, like this one at 313 Somerset at Orchard, Yomenya Goemon. It's apparently the 2nd largest food chain in Japan with 2,500 outlets. They are new here and are tucked in the little corner on the ground floor. Their local website does have all the info/menu you need right there.

Well, like the sign says it's Japanese spaghetti and you eat it with chopsticks. I ordered the spaghetti with sesame sauce and shabu shabu pork slices. I got a weak spot for shabu shabu and this dish came up spades. The sesame sauce is pretty rich, which naturally means the shabu shabu slices are just so full of the flavor.

What else did I snap with my iPhone camera? We got corn beef sandwich at Seah Street Deli, stingray and mussels rice set at Lavender Food Court, Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks and finally a look at things to come from Mos Burger and Marvel Comics! Anybody else collecting them?

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