Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cavalock and The Steeples Sandwich Sanctity

Having said good-bye (for now) to a regular desk bound gig, I finally found the time to visit an old food haunt last week. Strolled into sandwich joint Steeples Deli at Tanglin Shopping Centre last week for lunch and well, some things were the same, some weren't.

Good news is that the food is still as good as I remembered. Had the corned beef sandwich and it was done just right, slightly toasted wheat bread and not too dry and tender beef strips. The Waldorf salad was alright, didn't really stuck in my mind.

There were also the vanilla milkshake and the classic club sandwich. Although I didn't have them, was told all were delicious. It's still the best and only place in Orchard to go to for a truly outstanding sandwich.

Now the bad news is the place was almost empty at lunchtime, on a weekday! I thought that was just sad. When I was first there over a decade ago, brought there by a couple of older reporters. I remembered how pack the joint was. It's just counter seats and some days you gotta wait outside the deli. And you got that toasted bread aroma whiffing through the joint.

Man, I gotta start hanging out there again before it's gone or something. But to be honest, I kinda prefer the less crowd and all. Really great deli food at a reasonable price.

Finally, check this little monster out! From our Japanese burger chain Freshness Burger here in our neighborhood. The 'Bo Lo Ti' one is pretty funny. <^;^>


ice said...

lol. The 'Bo Lo Ti' one. So did you have one? <^;^>

Glad to hear Steeple's Deli is still around. Heard their pecan pie & peanut butter milkshake are yummy too.

Cavalock said...

Nope, didn't try it. I prefer a little bun in my burgers. ;)