Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cavalock And The Gaming Gene

Life is short and you got to enjoy it while you can. That's something I learned this year with my late mom. Besides good food, I'll always have time for a good ol' boardgame session or two or three with friends. Trash-talking away as we try to outwit and outsmart each other, you can't find a better time (without the use of illegal substances or services) than that!

Then there's our regular DnD role-playing game sessions, that is frickin' FUN! That is why I can never understand guys who are younger than me who take life too seriously and who only know how to think about making money and stuff, don't they remember what it was like being a kid and having fun? But that's another post or rant for another day....

Anyway these aren't kiddy boardgames you find in our department stores. Here are just some of our current favorite games. Kingsburg below is great dice game where you total the points on your dice roll and buy resources to build your kingdom. Very luck-based if you are into dice rolling.

Another dice game is the best-selling new Quarriors. Released a couple months ago only, it's already sold out around the world. Roll a set number of special creature dice, use the results to 'buy' more dice and beat the crap outta your opponents!

If you don't like the luck factor of rolling a dice, there's the multi-award winning 7 Wonders. A card drafting game where you are in charge of an ancient city, and each card plays as a different resource or building. The card drafting is the fun part where you try to outsmart the guys sitting to your left and right. More strategy here than most other games which also means more fun for all!

And then there's the ol' classic Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing game that has driven women away from us geeks for centuries! Now updated for the 21st century with the iPad!

A final parting shot of me and former DC Comics President Paul Levitz while he was here a couple months ago. That's yours truly moderating a panel with him (er, can you still call it a panel if it's just the two of us on stage like The Actor's Stage?). Biggest geek thrill of the year! And a big thank you to Red Dot Diva who snapped that shot. Check out her site over the couple weeks as she hangs out with some Hollywood celebs at New York Comic Con later this month.

Alright, the next post will be about FOOD! Promise! <^;^>

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