Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cavalock and The Oreo Odyssey

A day spent shopping for a cause. More on that another time when things are more 'concrete' (hint, hint). Well, I saw lotsa pretty cool and zany stuff but didn't buy anything of them. The last pix at the end of this post, well, that ought to explain why I have't got any money left for anything else. <^;^>

First up, would you pay S$50 for a pair of goggles that allegedly prevents you from weeping as you are slicing onions? Nah, I don't think I would. And if I wore them, I'll still be crying cos I just wasted 50 bucks.

The coolest Oreos in the world are from Japan?!? Apparently so, just like Japanese Kit Kat bars, there are all kinds of new and interesting flavors to choose from.  

Finally, guess which brand just blew a hole in my bank account? :P


ice said...

Hmmm... this one I can't guess. Quick fess up!

Cavalock said...

Don't wanna jinx it but if all goes well, there'll be pix by CNY next year! ;p