Sunday, October 05, 2008

'The good stuff on weekends'

So I got this new iTouch application that does my budget for me. Used to have something similar in my old Palm. So I’m thinking like S$500 a month for eating out…wonder if that’s enough. Doesn’t include groceries of cos but it does include stuff like snacks and drinks. Keeping my weekday lunch to bout S$6 average, not over S$10 a day. That’s just lunch. And if I have the good stuff on weekends, I hope S$500 is gonna be enough. For instance, last Wednesday was public holiday and I blew $52.96 for lunch for 2. What else I got? I set like S$100 for transport and …er... S$100 for entertainment/gadgets. The good thing is the software lets you snowball the money that you don’t spend so if I don’t buy any gadgets for 2 months, I’ll have S$300 in my third month to blow on some new stuff.

Still on food, here are some pix of a little something I prepared for dinner. Real simple stuff. Some baked mushroom, Japanese style. Got the recipe off a magazine.

Like I said, pretty easy. Just place your favourite mushrooms on a buttered piece of foil. Add Sake, I added 4 teaspoons and my own little special ingredient, Chicken Salt!

Bake at 220C between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much mushrooms you got in there.

All done! I liked it and so does Yotsuba!


dilutedmagnetics said...

You know, I read somewhere that aluminium cookware causes (or contributes) to Alzheimer's. That's why I freak out when I see people cooking food directly on aluminium foil.

Chicken salt... that's so Australian! I used to put chicken salt over everything I ate. It's actually quite disgusting - what it is, is just a mixture of salt, MSG and some powdered chicken stock cubes. Yikes!

Cavalock said...

wow…I never heard bout the aluminium foil thing but I ain’t that worried cos I only have any foil stuff like, once in 2 or 3 months. But thanks, I’ll remember wat u said.

Hehe…got the chicken salt during my Gen Con Oz trip, my friends who studied there highly recommended it. First time I heard of it when I was there, wonder why we can’t find it here…

dilutedmagnetics said...

I just watched the clip at SNL on the Palin/Biden debate. It's so funny! The nine o'clock news actually featured a little of it, so I turn on my computer to find it.

Anyway, here's a link on Aluminium and Alzheimers. Some say that the only thing they have in common are the first 2 letters, but who knows?

the arts and crafts experiment said...

what's the app? i want to download it.

how are you? :-)

Cavalock said...

hey itsy! posted my reply on yr blog! heh