Friday, October 03, 2008

'TV has been pretty good'

My last post on breakfast got me really thinking bout more breakfast stuff.

Been heading to Freshly Baked at Killiney Road recently on Saturday mornings while visiting my aunt who lives down the road. Heh, my elderly aunt and mom are big McCain supporters, I dunno why I’m saying this but I just find it highly amusing that two little old ladies halfway across the world are so into the US elections.

Anyway, I’ll usually get the cranberry buns and the banana loaf at Freshly Baked. But they were out of banana loaf when I was there this week so I tried something new, the coffee buns.

Didn’t really like the coffee buns, a little too bland and dry for my taste, don’t think I’ll be getting that again. The cranberry buns are light and soft, just the way I like my bums. Both packs of 4 are S$3 each. I believe the single banana loaf was like S$6 for one. They have a breakfast menu for $9.90 (I think) that I’m very tempted to try the next time I’m there.

Yes, I had 2 of each for my breakfast this morning, plus a cup of instant coffee.

Oh yah, TV has been pretty good to me lately. Been catching up on my CSI: Miami and Reaper. Also really looking forward to the Best of Saturday Night Live coming on 11 October nite.


red fir said...

I like the breads here too, especially the raisin walnut. Check out the salted caramel tart. It's really delicious!

Thought I would just sneak my reply here coz it's not too appropriate there...erm...the ice creams at 7th Heaven are ...erm not my type. I can't eat them. (email me to ask if you really want to know the details). I would say Ice Queen's gelato is much better.

dilutedmagnetics said...

OMG... I'm a bread addict and it's been wreaking havoc on my Atkin's lifestyle. I'm so craving bread now. HELP!

Unknown said...

Another nice blog I've found here. :) seem too young to be a baby sitter. Haha.

Cavalock said...

ice: ok, will look for the salted caramel tarts next. er, is it cos of the alcohol in the ice cream, that u don't take them? hope to try ice cream queen this coming week.

lunch: r u still on Atkins?!?

foodues queen: thanks for dropping by! u got a really cool food blog!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Kinda - I try not to eat too much carbs and watch that I have enough proteins. But I don't do extreme stuff like cut out ALL carbs or eat ONLY protein. That's crazy...