Sunday, August 24, 2008


So there I was, drafted for babysitting duties to a six-year-old boy with tickets for this year's fireworks display. Figured it was time to try out my big ass camera again and the shots came pretty good. Got some shots later on but the highlight of the day was this little cool discovery of the week at Suntec.

Special 30th Anniversary Space Invaders magnet gashapon! Best. Gashapon. Ever. Why?

1. They are only S$1 each. The official price is 100 yen, that's like S$1.30. So they are like the cheapest gashapon around.

2. Unlike other gashapon, you don't mind getting lots of extras cos you can start building your freakin' Space Invader army. Just spend like S$20 bucks and your army is complete!

3. It's super retro cool! Imagine transforming your fridge door into a video game screen. How cool is that?

Here are some fireworks shots, here I said, a little better than my last fireworks shot. Heh. Downloaded over 40 pix into my iTouch this morning...

Ended the nite with a Forsty Bailey's at TCC. Not the best Bailey's drink around.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Nice pictures! That's what a DSLR for - night shots! My little point and shoot is abyssmal at it.

Cavalock said...

yah, but the DSLR is just too heavy to carry around everywhere i go. ;)