Sunday, August 10, 2008

'Freaky, surreal and yet a bit of a turn-on'

The main reason why I set up this blog was to chronicle some of the good, happy stuff that happen to me. Sure, there are currently things that are bringing me down but I rather not dwell on them here.

Well, one of the coolest things that happened to me on Saturday was me making to number 32 out of about 90 players at the War of Warcraft (WOW) collectible card game South East Asian championship. It was a personal best. For a working adult who only plays casually a couple times a week the most, I was freckin’ pleased with my results. Right, now I know what I’m about to write would probably mean nothing to most folks reading this (if there’s still anyone reading this blog, hah!).

Ok, I didn’t make it to the Top 24 to qualify for the finals on Sunday Day 2. But I never expected to anyway, I just wanted to have some fun with my group of friends (3 of us were the Gen Con Oz guys). My friends played often and had more practice than me, but I came out a little higher in the rankings than them. Heh. They were all pleasantly surprised too.

It was held at the World Cybergames Championship at Suntec. We were like the low-tech card gaming session while everyone else was playing the latest video games. We played with lots of WOW players from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia too. Real friendly guys. Geez, they must have paid a lot for their rooms during this National Day weekend.

Played total of 7 matches. Won the first 3 games which was already amazing for me. Break for lunch. Now when you win a match, they’ll pair you up with someone who did just as well. So my matches got progressively harder to beat as they day went by, lost 3 in a row after lunch to find my score at 3 – 3. But managed to win the last match of the day to end it at 4 – 3. Not enough to continue to Day 2 finals but a personal best at number 32.

Took some cosplayer shots, yah, between this and Gen Con Oz, I think I’m OD-ing on cosplayers already. And with the dim lighting and loud music/noise, thanks to the all the gaming that was happening around us, I had a splitting headache soon (thankfully) after my last game.

Hey, they pretty much threw themselves in front of anyone with a camera outside the event hall, what was I supposed to do? Heh, at least I wasn’t like some of the other guys who came in full hardcore photographer’s gear.

This here's actually a dance routine, without any music. Freaky, surreal and yet a bit of a turn-on.

The shakey camera shots, the explosions in the night sky, the screaming crowd. It can only mean one thing! Cloverfield!!! Cloverfield!!! Cloverfield!!! … or just a very bad National Day fireworks shot with my little digital camera when I was leaving Suntec after the game with my dinner


Panther said...

WTF bad Deedlit.

Cavalock said...

nah, she's not that bad. ;)