Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'He's baaaaack!'

My iTouch bid? In case, anyone wants to know. I got it! Heh, S$350 only, it’s going for S$498 at retail.

Getting it was a mini-Odyssey in itself. Thought it would be a simple exchange near my office but it became a whole afternoon affair. Was the Thursday that I had to go Suntec to sign up for my Warcraft card game. Fortunately I took a half-day leave, and this is my craaaazzzzy route for the afternoon, now remember its all walking and train rides.

Started at 2pm. Train ride to City Hall, walk to Suntec.

After signing up, walked back to City Hall for train ride to Boon Lay collect my iTouch.

But silly me, took the train to Bt. Batok (they both start with ‘B’ and I’m not familiar with the west!).

Took another train to Boon Lay after my seller wondered where I was.

After transaction, took train back from Boon Lay to City Hall again.

Was almost 6pm when I met my friends at Suntec again for dinner and some card-gaming, as well as get a protective screen for the iTouch.

Whew! And I was carrying a freakin’ heavy bag filled with books and cards too. That City Link tunnel from City Hall to Suntec just feels longer each time I walk down the damn thing. So I was like spending the last couple of days downloading the free software form the official Mac Apps Store after installing the new 2.0 firmware.

Cool discovery of the week so far. He's baaaaack! My favourite Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist is back. Dave Barry is writing about that sporting event in China right now. Found his latest article while flipping through a copy of the free Today's tabiold. The latest piece is hilarious!


dilutedmagnetics said...

Congrats! Hope the seller was nice :) I've always been really lucky with yahoo/ebay sellers - all of them were nice... But I think I'll cut back on auction sites from now, it's too much of a risk sometimes.

Cavalock said...

Seller was a real nice guy, we chatted for awhile. it wasn't an auction site, i found the deal at a local IT forum.

dilutedmagnetics said...

I see... and I can see that you are enjoying your new phone too :)