Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Never-ending quest for Royal Milk Tea'

Been downloading a whole bunch of free apps from the official Apple Apps Store. I know everyone has cracked their iPhone/iTouch to download tons of free crap but I’m just too lazy to go do that and am quite happy with the official free stuff I’m getting. Also, my two DS and PSP are also not ‘cracked’. I ain’t no crack whore. Hah. Am ok playing with original stuff, keeps me from going crazy with too many games. Really, back when I had the original first Playstation bout 50 million years ago, I had tons of copy games some I played for only less than an hour. Cos the shops would bring new stuff every week for only S$5 a pop.

Anyway, gripes I have bout the iTouch is how fast the battery goes and how to import some documents from my PC to my Mac to my iTouch. Not sure how accurate the weather apps are but I do enjoy reading the NY Times for free again after all these years. The daily Sukudo keeps me up at nite.

Cool discovery of the week, Key Coffee's Royal Milk Tea Powder. Yes, in my never-ending quest for Royal Milk Tea outside of Japan, I found this little nugget at Isetan last weekend. I recommend heating a cup of fresh milk and then adding bout 2 teaspoons of it.


dilutedmagnetics said...

You don't have to crack your DS mah - just get the DS ROM cartridge and you are good to go :)

Cavalock said...

Yah I know bout that. Maybe I’m too lazy to download the stuff too. Hah, really I still have a couple of really fun DS games that have yet to complete so I tell myself I don’t really need to download anything just yet.

Have already downloaded over 20 new free apps from Apple store. ^;^